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Digest #2

March 14, 2019

13 Passive Income Streams To Create In 2019

This article from Forbes presents 13 passive income streams to create in 2019. These streams need some initial efforts. Then, it will let you to make money in a passive way. These income streams can really booster your capacity to making money online in 2019. Some sources of income are well known such as writing an eBook, creating a mobile application or selling stock photos on dedicated platforms. Others are less well known and are really worth a closer look: Vehicle wrapping, renting out your GPU, ...

Write and publish your eBook in 7 days

Writing and selling an eBook is still an excellent idea to generate additional revenue in 2019. Nevertheless, this may frighten some people because of the relative complexity of mastering the entire process from writing to selling the eBook. This article proposes to help you write and publish your first eBook in 7 days.

Making Money as a Freelance Writer

Making freelance writing is a good opportunity to generate some money. One of the questions that people get asked themselves the most all the time is “where do you find clients?”. Indeed, it its an essential question. In this article, Jyssica Schwartz explains us how to find your first clients for making money online as a freelance writer.

Reskinning an Android or iOS application for making money in 6 steps

Creating a mobile application for Android or iOS is a great way to earn passive income in 2019 once the application is created and published on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, you must have knowledge of mobile programming. Fortunately, there is another way to generate money with mobile applications. This other way is to buy the source code of an Android or iOS application before reskinning it to publish it. This article proposes you to discover this method in 6 steps.

How this marketer makes passive income on the side

This article details how a marketer make passive income on the side. He operates a niche blog and generates around 21K visitors per month. With his blog, he generates an average of $655.10 per month in ad revenue, with spikes reaching upwards of $900. This is a moderate success but his story is inspiring and this article is an interview in which he shares his experience from idea to income.

Read This If You Want To Make Money Blogging

Writing articles for your blog is a great idea for having an online presence. Once your online presence has been established, you should consider monetizing this presence. Many people fail to make the transition from blogging to monetizing. This article suggests that you rethink the way you should look at your blog in order to really make money with it.

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